[Marxism] Iran, Russia, China, Syria to Stage Biggest Joint Wargames in Middle-East

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*Iran, Russia, China, Syria to Stage Biggest Joint Wargames in Middle-East
*By Fars News Agency*

June 19, 2012   -- TEHRAN (FNA 
<http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.php?nn=9103082690>)- The Iranian, 
Russian, Chinese and Syrian armies are due to stage joint amphibious 
exercises along the Syrian costs in coming weeks, informed sources 
revealed on Monday.

According to informed sources, 90,000 forces from the four countries 
will take part in the land and sea wargames due to be held in Syria.

Ground, air and sea forces as well as air defense and missile units of 
the four countries will take part in the exercises.

Sources also said that Egypt has acceded to grant passage to 12 Chinese 
warships to sail through the Suez Canal, adding that the military convoy 
is due to dock at the Syrian harbors in the next two weeks.

Russian atomic submarines and warships, aircraft carriers and 
mine-clearing destroyers as well as Iranian battleships and submarines 
will also arrive in Syria at around the same date.

Syria plans to test its coast-to-sea and air defense missiles in the 

A sum of 400 warplanes and 1,000 tanks will also be used in the exercises.

A Syrian official, who asked to remain anonymous, had informed two weeks 
ago that the drills would be conducted in Syria soon.

Unofficial sources also said the four countries are now busy with taking 
swift preparatory measures for these biggest-ever wargames in the 

Sham Life reported that the maneuvers will be stage in less than one 
month from now, that is early June.

©2006 Fars News Agency. All rights reserved

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