[Marxism] Angela Merkel: Most Dangerous Leader in the World

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Thu Jun 21 11:09:40 MDT 2012

For the capitalist, it is only the increase of surplus that matters. The
advance of technology increases the surplus, but the accompanied obsolesce
decreases the surplus as it adds to the aggregated value of the goods. The
only way of increasing even more the surplus is to cut all kinds of social
securities. The social democratic facade, the such as Keynesian policies,
will just happen when the class tensions lead to revolution.

But seeking growth, defining it as the increase of the absolute increase of
the production of goods as well as the reduction of the absolute and
relative cost of the goods, will only lead to the restart of the cycle
again, including the alienation according to the perception, by the
workers, that no crisis will ever happen again.

So, Keynesian policies is just one head of the Hydra growing again. To eat
you later.

2012/6/21 Angelus Novus <fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com>

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> Daniel Rocha wrote
> > All puppets of the capital. Merkel, Obama, Bush, whatever, are just
> heads of the Hydra.
> This is true to the extent that all political agency is circumscribed by
> the imperatives of capital accumulation, but I think there's still a
> notable difference between the Keynesian, growth-oriented strategies and
> the brutal, openly anti-working class policy of neoliberal austerity.
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