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Gregory Zinoviev at His Best

A review of Zinoviev and Martov: Head to Head in Halle, edited by Ben Lewis
and Lars T. Lih

The Thrilla in Halle! A ringside seat, just for you, as Gregory Zinoviev (in
the red trunks) and Julius Martov (his are pale pink) duke it out before
delegates of the 700,000-member Independent Social-Democratic Party of
Germany (USPD). The stakes: should the USPD join the Communist International
(Comintern)? Here at last, after 92 years, the full text of their historic
speeches to the October 1920 USPD congress in Halle, Germany, translated and
edited by Ben Lewis and Lars Lih. Zinoviev's four-hour speech provides a
unique view of how the Comintern, founded the previous year, explained its
character and purpose to a sceptical audience....

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