[Marxism] More on the Turkish jet shoot down

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 19:44:32 MDT 2012

6:13pm pst More on the Turkish jet shoot down: According to several news
sources, Syria is saying they didn't even know the plane was Turkish at the
time they shot it down. This has certain implications. It is a scary
thought that any country would shoot down an air plane just because it is
an UFO.

Now we all know the situation along the Syria-Turkish border is a special
case, for while the two countries aren't at war yet, something that is
shades of it exists. Still, Turkey may well feel that the Syrian response
quite excessive if the Turkish warplane hadn't used any weapons because if
the two countries start shooting down each others planes if they stray
across the line, a war is probably not that far off.

But if Syria is telling the truth and has in fact issued orders that any
unidentified war plane is to be shoot down, that is a much more extreme
policy. That could lead to the shooting down of a Syrian jet, <em>and maybe
that is the point.</em> I think it quite possible that Assad has issued
such orders and less out of a fear of imminent aerial attack from NATO and
more in fear that other Syrian pilots will follow the lead of Colonel
Hassan Merei al-Hamade and skedaddle

An update to my diary:
BREAKING: Senior Syrian Officers Defect

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