[Marxism] readings on US support to S African apartheid

Patrick Bond pbond at mail.ngo.za
Sat Jun 23 14:19:08 MDT 2012

Hi Dennis, King Solomon's Mines Revisited by Bill Minter was always our 
standard text in the 1980s anti-apartheid movement. Let me cc to Bill 
and maybe he can write you directly - dmozart1756 at gmail.com - with other 
ideas. Two other excellent scholar-activists who made seminal 
contributions to these studies of US/SA imperial/subimperial relations 
are Bill Martin and David Wiley, cc line.

And the finest video account is a series made by Connie Fields, "Have 
you heard from Johannesburg", especially "The Bottom Line" which shows 
how sanctions changed the power balance and pulled the US out.

> On 6/23/2012
> =================================================
> Can any comrades recommend historical accounts of US support to the S
> African apartheid regime?
> Thanks.
> Dennis Brasky

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