[Marxism] Jimmy Carter: the U.S. government's shameful human rights, international behavior

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Tue Jun 26 10:43:25 MDT 2012

Louis Proyect wrote

...Carter has done himself proud on this as well as his writings on 
Israeli apartheid.
He may have, but it's just as well to remember that this kind of 
argument is well within the bounds of permissible discourse on the 
policies that best serve an imperialist project. Insiders, in kind, can 
respond that Carter is functioning at an ideological level that's still 
within the period of his own presidency, 1976-1980, when the threats to 
imperialism and the smooth operation of capital accumulation were seen 
by many to be of a different, less ominous order. Or that, if Carter had 
not been so namby-pamby hand-wringing about the overthrow of the Shah 
and the resurgence of nationalism in Iran in 1979 and had acted 
promptly, directly or by proxy, to cut it all short, without having left 
Reagan to cut a humiliating deal involving the Israelis, Col. North and 
the Contras in Nicaragua, we wouldn't be in such a pickle now, with Iran 
as a continuing threat in the middle-east, and moves toward the 
overthrow of our favored dictators erupting all over the place. Who 
would be more accurately serving the interests of the hegemon is another 

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