[Marxism] Bukharin clears it all up

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 20:52:21 MDT 2012

Pretty accurate description of the "progressives" shamefacedly
trailing after Obama's campaign.

None of the usual liberal arguments apply any more.  He's really given
them absolutely nothing and they know it.  The usual lesser-evilness
yelp--and the chest-thumping appeals about grownup pragmatism--has
morphed into somethng more like a subdued whimper.  One of them
recently described the difference as a choice between "austerity in
slow motion" and "austerity on steroids."  Anyone familiar with these
things knows that the world doesn't work that way.  Policies are
shaped by circumstances and we don't know exactly what those will be.
All things being equal, the pace of austerity will be what the owners
of financial managers want, regardless of who the president will be.
And Obama's record tells us how independent he won't be from their

He also essentially agreed that he thought we were swapping wars
abroad for minimizing what they want to beat out of us at home.  It's
hopeless for them.

The labor movement simply has no answer--other than to pray for a
miracle--and to deny the fearsome realities it has allowed to

The less honest talk as though we need to compare Obama's words to
Romney's.  Of course, we don't need words and promises to figure out
the policies of someone who's been in office for over three years, but
there is a civic dimension to America's well-cultivated attention-span

Then there are the terribly young who've not been through it before
are sort of willing themselves into denial.  But far, far fewer than

As a group, "they are lightminded, their will is paralyzed, they are
given to blubbering over events and hoping for miracles."

I only wish the Left generally had been at work since 2000 to have
something to offer now.


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