[Marxism] People's World: "Occupy's 89%? Where anarchism shuns unionists, it allies with the ultra-right"

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 30 11:07:38 MDT 2012

I am interested hear your thoughts, especially of comrades in the Oregon, Washington, and California,on this recent PW post by Greg Rose. Rose makes great, but very general points and seems adequately to counter the "new proletarian class" argument of anarchist currents in the Occupy movement. I'd be interested to know the trajectory of this intervention by elements of the CP on this issue as they are reflected on the ground at these Occupy sites.
Occupy's 89%? Where anarchism shuns unionists, it allies with the ultra-righthttp://www.peoplesworld.org/occupy-s-89-where-anarchism-shuns-unionists-it-allies-with-the-ultra-right/

"EUGENE, Ore. -- Recently anarchist collectives in the Occupy movement inOakland  and the Pacific Northwest have put forward a new slogan, "We are the 89%." This is a subtle way of divorcing organized labor from the popular movement, since it is based on an explicit claim that the struggles of organized labor are not merely no longer central, but that the interests of organized labor should no longer be a focus of activist support."


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