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Ken's q reminds me of al sargis' response when I asked him something similar.  To paraphrase my recall, it was that socialism does not eliminate human weaknesses.  Coincidentally, it reminds me of a recent post on the list hosted by Al [csgboston@]
The author 
On Jun 30, 2012, atChina.org.cn, June 28, 2012. .. says:
>> China should avoid traps of universalism
Applying what I deduce is his thinking, I would say there is no position on sexual prostitution on which socialists universally agree.  At present. 
Putting the question before a congress of socialists may ameliorate some painful effects and prevent some
sooner than later.

He was not addressing socialists on prostitution but keeping left and right wings of CPC flying.  What I (whose reasoning would be characterized as left)  read was he reasoned that reasoning ( presumably including dialectically historically materialistically) is western-centric rationalism and rationalism is not realism.
I, paraphrasing Lorraine Hansberry, persist in the faith that humans will succeed where apes did not, in imposing reason on chaos.  

Hers' was a more optimistic time; which seems to coincide with opportunistic; oft  malapropriately confused...in practice ... real ly.

As for whoring, I suspect that will persist long after a significant mass comprehend that the commonwealth is the difference between world average labor time we add, minus that [of others] in what we need, monetized and privatized we shall still see money changers steal until....we socialize capital

If I define prostitution as selling oneself for the means to purchase what one needs, it is very like my definition of labor (bossed time for pay) to differentiate it from work, which may or may not hone the same skills.  I put no stock in abolition of labor, I merely want to increase time free from being bossed for pay and increase the equity of redistributing the commonwealth.

I asked a Herb aptheker once what we call capital under socialism. His wife said, social surplus. I spent the next many years 

 1:37 PM, Ken Ranney <kranney at cogeco.ca> wrote:

> I am wondering about what should be [THEsocialist]attitude to prostitution in general, and specifically in relation to the risk of disease from contact with prostitutes.
> .....
> a resolution to a convention of the Socialist Party of 
> .....
> The resolution was submitted because the media of the rich do not tell us of the hazards of prostitution, and it seems to me an elementary kindness to inform unsuspecting people.  Kindness is an essential part of my agenda for socialism
> My feeling is that those who resist telling the truth about prostitution, about which it seems they have very little information, have been brainwashed by the capitalist media into thinking that prostitution is benign.  They seem to like the term "sex trade", currently in vogue in the capitalist media, which to me is a contradiction in terms.
> I'm interested to know what you think.
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