[Marxism] People's World: "Occupy's 89%? Where anarchism shuns unionists, it allies with the ultra-right"

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 30 17:08:55 MDT 2012

Dayne: "i would be surprised to learn that CPers have been fighting for their political perspective w/in Occupy, an article like this is probably a rationale for staying away."

It sounds like you are saying that the CP is attempting to demonize the Occupy anarchists, which would be a bit more than simply abstaining and more like showing the "wisdom" of supporting unions in their machinations for lesser-evil politics; especially during the elections. I know it's a bit of an extrapolation, but I would be surprised if I am really of the mark. In any case, the political antagonism to the unions by elements in Occupy do make them vulnerable to this kind of charge even if the CP and the Social Democrats may not really need the "ammunition".  		 	   		  

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