[Marxism] Fwd: Michael Moore to deliver major address at Left Forum 2012

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Thu Mar 1 00:09:19 MST 2012

I'd say that Moore's an interesting documentarian. But he isn't really an artist. And frankly Moore is the begrudging lefty who felt free criticize those who didn't support Obama. 

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I am torn about this too.  I think Moore is a great artist.  I despise
those begrudging lefties who want everything to have the right line and who
nit pick over a creative artist's work.

But... support in any form for the Democrats is a no-no.  It is the biggest
single obstacle to the development of a radical America IMHO. I have also
got a special kind of dislike for Obama. It is not a matter of it being OK
to criticize him.  He is a warmongering dog for one thing. He needs to be
rammed head first into the dustbin of history.


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