[Marxism] Victory to Victorian nurses

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Thu Mar 1 13:30:17 MST 2012

A VERY important question (and one which supplements some arguments in this
great article about the continuous importance of wagelabor (sorry if I
already forwarded it today):
Some factors include:
* The mostly-female workforce and thus the impact of the women's liberation
movement (parallels here with flight attendants and their changed
* The skilled nature of their work, the very high demand for it, and the
relatively high wages extracted in many workplaces as a result;
* Despite the above, the continued highly oppressive nature of the job,
especially as hospitals, profit or nonprofit, have joined in the
labor-squeezing management trends of recent decades.
There are also some similarities with the evolution of teacher unionism --
including the shift from "professional associations" to unions.
Suzanne Gordon is the best place to start on this.

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> What is it about nurses?  They are probably the most progressive union
> in California, maybe the entire nation.  And in Victoria also?
> --
> Michael Perelman

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