[Marxism] Russia gave Israel codes for defense system sold toIran

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Sat Mar 3 08:04:05 MST 2012

>WikiLeaks: Russia gave Israel codes for defense system sold to Iran
>Published: 	02.28.12, 23:03 / Israel News

At 16:44 02/03/12 -0500, Intense Red wrote:
>   While this is certainly possible....
>  I have to seriously doubt this report.

Of course any information stated in a document gathered by Wikileaks could
be incorrect, but....

>   Such a deal would greatly hurt Russia's reputation

Gee, I wonder if that could be one reason the Russians didn't reveal the
fact themselves??

>   To me, I'd write this off as more Israeli disinformation

Well only if you believe that Israel arranged for Stratfor to fake this
email (or for the unnamed "Mexican source" to deliver the "disinformation"
to Stratfor) THREE YEARS AGO, figuring that sooner or later Stratfor's
emails would be obtained by Wikileaks, bringing to culmination this very
clever disinformation campaign. Somehow I'm more inclined to believe the
first conspiracy theory, though again it could be inaccurate.

More detailed story in the Jerusalem Post:

- Jeff

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