[Marxism] Facebook frustration

Tristan Sloughter tristan.sloughter at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 08:09:54 MST 2012

You have more friends than me on facebook but I'm guess the problem is it
hasn't been able to learn who's posts are most important to you. I believe
it takes into account comments on posts and 'likes' and other variables to
know what you most want to see.

If you don't use it somewhat frequently and do more than simply read the
posts I don't think it'll ever be a useful timeline of things you are
interested in.

As for topics of common knowledge to those up on current events, many of us
have lots of followers who don't follow close enough or even use our
timelines to keep up to date surprisingly. I'm not in your timeline but if
I were there would be plenty of basic current events :)

Oh, and you can remove people from your timeline to make it easier to bring
it down to only interesting things by removing those who don't post
interesting thing.


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