[Marxism] Facebook frustration

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 12:51:26 MST 2012

As is always the case with the new technology, the main issue is to keep
what you expect of these things realistic.

I subscribed to Facebook initially only because a student organization I
advice used it exclusively as a way to organize what it was doing.  I've
found it marginally useful for some things.  The issue's not the number of
"friends," but what you actually bother to follow.

I have rarely found it a useful way to have conversations I would not have
rather had through other venues, but I don't think the latter would have
been possible under any foreseable circumstances.  I have found it a good
way to reconnect with people, though at the cost of sifting through far too
many "friends" who send me far too many invitations about the opening of a
new coffee house in Four Corners, Nebraska, to which I am expected to
respond.  I rarely take the time to respond and i never feel guilty about
not responding.

This is also the problem in terms of Marxmail.  Actually keeping up with
everything posted here would be a full-time job.  I have one of those and
it actually takes about 60-70 hours a week.  I don't feel guilty about not
reading things here or on any of the half dozen other lists.

I don't feel guilty about not responding to things I probably could and
should respond to.

I don't feel guilty about careless proofreading.

All this comes with the turf.


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