[Marxism] Knowledge in the Global Political Economy

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> I am writing a short essay for a journal/magazine, on "knowledge" in the
> global political economy. It's not for peer review, but a fairly respected
> journal.
> My basic argument is that we make a big mistake to think of "knowledge in
> the global economy" as that which is relevant to, useful for or helps shore
> up liberal capitalist orthodoxy. In other words the only knowledge that is
> necessary is that which promotes and protects global corporate/capitalist
> interests.
> Any ideas?
> Ismail Lagardien
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  yes ur right that in modern capitalist society knowledge is basically
skew in favor of justification of the system,
  i strongly feel for heresis or unorthodox economic knowelge, micheal
kelchky or keynesian traditiuon shoud be followed.
  and parotien sociology might even helpful.
  for latest  global capitalism paul krugman_ economics of depression is
useful as well.

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