[Marxism] Why Israel Couldn¹t Take Out Iran¹s Nuclear Program Even if It Wanted To

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 4 09:44:23 MST 2012

Lawrence Wilkerson has been good on a variety of issues (including the Cuban
Five), but I have to take issue with this:

" Here¹s another tidbit for you. I was in Havana when Ahmadinejad was there.
I can¹t reveal my sources, but not only did the Cuban government give him a
third- or fourth-level award‹which really made him angry because it wasn¹t
the top or even the second-level award‹they also delivered him a message
from Fidel Castro: get off this nuclear kick. Fidel is very anti-nuclear, as
you might imagine, given his experience with the Cuban Missile Crisis. I
think he, Kennedy, and Khrushchev all realized that they took the world to
the brink of extinction. Here¹s our archenemy in Cuba advising our archenemy
in Iran that they¹re on the wrong track."

Now I can't speak for Fidel or know what he thinks, but I do know this - the
idea that Ahmadinejad is on a "nuclear kick" is utterly preposterous. Every
word he has ever spoken on this issue is exactly the opposite of being on a
"nuclear kick."

Here ( http://lefti.blogspot.com/2006/04/irans-intentions.html ) is a speech
Ahmadinejad gave in 2006, which needless to say received no publicity in the
U.S. (I had to transcribe it myself):

"Sciences and technologies thanks to the faith in God is in the service of
humanity. It is science tempered by faith that serves peace and progress. We
have declared on numerous occasions that we seek peace and stability on the
basis of faith in humanity, in a unitary God, and in justice for the entire
human race. We have declared many times, and we declare again, that our
nuclear technology is in the service of peaceful goals. We declare that mass
destruction weapons are sought by those who still think in the mode of 50
years ago. Those who think that political equations and cultural and
economic equations can be solved to their benefit by relying on arsenals of
mass destruction weapons. Our nation is a civilized nation, a cultured
nation, that relies on the faith and will of its young nationals. Our
nation, in order to achieve its aspiration, relies on the thoughts and
beliefs and enhanced values that lie in the Islamic culture and Iranian
culture. Our nation does not elicit its power from nuclear weapons. The
power of our nation is rooted in the justice of its beliefs.

"We have declared and I declare again that the total sum of our nuclear
activities in all phases were under the full supervision of the atomic
agency, and today we also wish to stay under the supervision of the IAEA and
continue our activities. What we have achieved and will achieve in the
future will be in the framework of the legitimate rights of Iran and based
on the universally accepted laws including the laws of our nation and the
IAEA under the Non-Proliferation Treaty. We, on the basis of international
rules and our legitimate rights, continue our path towards having nuclear
power plants. Unfortunately, our nation in its advancement path, faces some
bad temper, some law-breaking, and some coercion by some nations. Of course
it is not without precedent in our history. In the movement for
nationalizing our oil industry which was our legitimate right, some of these
same powers stood up against us and boldly defied the legitimate rights of
Iran. Of course, the product of this was a permanent hatred of them rooted
in the hearts of our nation. And they today, with the same argument, with
the same literature, and with psychological warfare, they try to prevent
Iran's access to its legitimate rights. I advise them not to repeat the
bitter experience of the past and to respect the rights of the Iranian
people. I urge them not to create a permanent hatred in the hearts of the
Iranian nation for themselves and in the world.

"We have declared many times and I declare here again that the Iranian
progress and power will always be in the service of peace and stability for
its neighbors and the entire world, and it will be such in the future."

These are hardly the words of a man on a "nuclear kick."

Eli Stephens
 Left I on the News

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