[Marxism] Where Are the Troubled Consciences over Greece?

Angelus Novus fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 4 10:14:41 MST 2012

Where are the "troubled consciences" over Greece?
 by Steven Colatrella
J'accuse! I accuse all the intellectuals, the social democrats, the liberals, the leftists looking elsewhere, especially across Europe, of not speaking 
out against the atrocities perpetrated on the people of Greece.

Had Stalin done to Greece what the IMF/EU Commission and ECB (the Troika) 
has done, the nouveau philosophe's would have issued a new encyclopedia 
over it, and all the ex-Communist Party members would have taken a break from ringing their hands over the Soviet crushing of workers' 
revolutions in Prague, Budapest and Gdansk (never calling them that of 
course) to beat their breasts over it.

Had Hitler done to Greece what the Troika has done all the anti-fascists 
around Europe would commemorate it with a national day of memory. 
Had the United States done it all the facile leftist anti-imperialists, 
searching for a way to not notice the exploitation of their own national firms in Eastern Europe or Asia or Africa would mass in the hundreds of thousands to protest. 

Had a corrupt nationalist government done this, Thomas Friedman and Kristoff would have filled the NY Times with editorials over it by now. 

Full article: http://www.pmpress.org/content/article.php/20120213051943755

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