[Marxism] Facebook frustration

Tom Cod tomcod3 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 10:44:41 MST 2012

"Unfriend" is different from "unsubscribe", the latter meaning a
person's posts will not be published to your home page, a setting that
can be altered at will,  meaning you still have access to this
person's page and posts.  Anyone who has a large number of friends has
to restrict the number of people they are subscribed to in order to
make their site manageable.  It's sort of like fielding a barrage of
phone calls in a busy office.  Some people you might not be able to
talk to, but it would a rare person who you would block from calling
in the first place.

Some people publish huge amounts of stuff.  My friend Bob S, from SDS,
cranks out 20-30 per day, Kipp D of the SWP is a large producer as
well, which is fine.  I think my top ten producers probably post up to
80 posts per day.  I simply can 't have all of them flooding in all
the time 24/7, so I'll often rotate who gets published from time to
time.  In addition you can click "important only" to minimize.  I
would never unfriend someone, however,  for a logistical reason like
that as I value my connection with them.

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