[Marxism] Why Israel Couldn¹t Take Out Iran¹s Nuclear Program Even if It Wanted To

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 11:40:33 MST 2012

The idea that Ahmadinejad says anything of 'truth' is absurd for us as
Marxists to take for granted, as Eli on more than one occasion has done.
Eli's argument boils down to: "Ahmadinejad says they are not building
nuclear WMD, so we should believe him". I'm glad he's not gonna be doing PR
for the revolution here in the U.S.

Being someone who opines on nuclear issues now and again here (and will be
speaking on it at the Left Forum) I will give you my own view on Iran and

Iran has restarted the US inspired program pushed on the Shah of Iran back
in the 1970s to build nuclear plants. That is commercial nuclear plants.
One Russian plant is now on line and pumping out energy into the Iranian
electrical grid. The Shah's plan, and now the Islamic Republic's plan, is
to build 19 more. Specific vendors are not mentioned and no tenders have
been issued asking vendors to build them. Obviously the Russians have a
lead, a wink and a nod on this should the Iranians add concrete to paper
plans. Expect the S. Koreans to bid heavily for these if it ever happens.
They need to build the nukes in order to stop burning oil and natural gas
in them since it's eating into their ability to export same to the West and

What many anti-nuclear activists don't realize that it is not the plants,
per se, that reprsent any threat, what so ever. No *commercial* nuclear
plant has ever provided the raw material, or irradiated material in the
form of Pu-239 to make a weapons. Smaller, research reactors have, however.
Making the material for nuclear WMD is a very 'cheap' thing to do compared
to making carbon-free nuclear generation. The technology behind plutonium
production is, unfortunately, an 'easier' engineering accomplishment than
building and running a nuclear power plant. The plutonium breeders don't
have turbines and generators. They don't have massive cooling towers (small
ones), they don't have a pressurized reactor vessel. Essentially they are
small and cheap.

What is the link then between 'civilian' nuclear energy and military WMD?
It's in the actual human resources on the one hand...nuclear engineers for
one, and, the fuel enrichment that a country needs to get one part of every
nuclear weapon, U235, in high enough enrichment to go bang (and if using
plutonium, to make the plutonium go bank).  Now, what are the reason for
the Iranians to enrich U235? There are several. Iran want's to be a leader
in medical isotopes. You need a nuclear power plant, one *similar* to the
weapons ones, to make medical isotopes. The entire N. American supply of
these is produced from one Canadian reactor. Iran genuinely wants to lead
in this sort of cancer treatment and, production of the needed isotopes.
This is their stated reasons for enrichment.

Secondly, the Iranians do NOT want to rely on the Russians for fueling
their later set of reactors or even for the next refueling of their new
reactor at Bushswer. They do not trust the Russians even though the
Russians have been virtually their only European ally. The Iranians want
energy 'sovereignty' and they want it in a big way. The idiot "Islamic
economists" in Iran completely set up their own country to be an energy
vassal state of Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E because they simply refused to
invest in refinery capability after the Iran-Iraq War destroyed most of
their productive capacity. Iran only produces like 30% of it's own gasoline
and diesel, having to export crude oil west across the Gulf to get refined
and shipped back. This is why Iran will suffer more than any country in the
region if there is a war. Their energy will simply stop and the country
will grind to a halt. This will put yet more pressure on their heavily
urbanized society.

So, they want to produce their own reactor fuel, for both their R&D medical
reactors and their nuclear power plants.

The "problem" is that their enrichment facilities are built like military
bunkers. Why? Sure, the idea of course would be to protect them. But
building a very expensive, every expansive enrichment and fuel fabrication
facility 600 ft under groups and NOT allowing IAEA inspectors in belies
their claim that it's "only for civilian uses". I mean, why? Iran has an
absolute right under the Nuclear non-Prolifieration Treaty of which they
are signatories to enrich fuel for peaceful purposes. This means, under
IAEA inspections, they can do almost anything they want. There is simply no
reason to "protect" these facilities. You could have full time IAEA
inspectors onsite 24/7 365 and make it impossible for some military
aggressor to take them out. Instead, they *act* as if they building WMD
with these nuclear facilities. Knowing they have an enemy in Washington and
in Jerusalem, knowing that for the past 20 years every overture made to
Washington to 'take them back', even GIVING the Pentagon fly over rights so
the Imperialists could occupy Afghanistan, Tehran is fulfilling the
prophecy advocated by Imperialism right down the line. It's as if the
Pentagon Office of Public Relations were directing the play and actors like
Ahmadinejad are doing the lead roles. Amazing.

In my view they either throw their facilities wide open, or withdraw from
the NPT and state clearly they are aiming to achieve nuclear weapons
capability. But nothing I wrote above has a thing to do with what we can do
here. Not at all.

For us in the West, our only role is to prevent US and Zionist intervention
in Iran. It is not, for one iota, to "defend Ahmadinejad" and the gov't in
Tehran. Not for a second. You destroy any credibility by doing this and end
up as a bit player with no lines in this same play. That's the role the
Eli's PSL and groups like the PSL are playing right now if his views are
that of the PSL.


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