[Marxism] Why Israel Couldn¹t Take Out Iran¹s Nuclear Program Even if It Wanted To

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 4 18:44:13 MST 2012

David: "For us in the West, our only role is to prevent US and Zionist
intervention in Iran. It is not, for one iota, to "defend Ahmadinejad" and
the gov't in Tehran. Not for a second. You destroy any credibility by doing
this and end up as a bit player with no lines in this same play. That's the
role the Eli's PSL and groups like the PSL are playing right now if his
views are that of the PSL."

For the record, the PSL and ANSWER were principal organizers of many of the
demonstrations calling for "No War on Iran" which took place last month:


And if you want to know the views of the PSL, you should read them, e.g.,


That "line" article doesn't even INCLUDE the word "Ahmadinejad," much less
represent "defending him."

And many others:


Eli Stephens
 Left I on the News

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