[Marxism] Why Israel Couldn¹t Take Out Iran¹s Nuclear Program Even if It Wanted To

Tristan Sloughter tristan.sloughter at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 18:58:46 MST 2012

> That "line" article doesn't even INCLUDE the word "Ahmadinejad," much
> less represent "defending him."

In http://www.pslweb.org/liberationnews/news/us-hands-off-iran.html:

"The destabilization campaign may also lead to a “pro-democracy” movement,
possibly a variation in the right-wing “Green Movement” that arose in June


"Right after the June 12, 2009 elections, even during the peak of large
Green demonstrations, there were marches and rallies in support of
President Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Khamenei, including the June 17 “unity”
rally in Tehran and the June 19 Friday Prayers at Tehran University, each
attended by hundreds of thousands. So, while in Egypt and Tunisia it is
close to the absolute majority of the people on one side and the state on
the other, in Iran there have been two groups of people demonstrating, one
for and one against the regime."

You don't have to support Mousavi to be on the side of the Iranians who are
fed up with rigged elections and the right wing populist regime
of Ahmadinejad.

The PSL's "analysis" of these situations are laughable. It is amazing how
blinded people can become and how many "useful idiots" there are for these
sorts of governments.


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