[Marxism] C. Wright Mills and Marx

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DEFINITELY worth reading
I haven't looked at it since grad school, but remember being impressed by
its arguments -- especially as right at that time I was also walking the
picket lines at Eastern Airlines and hearing flight attendants' stories and
what was expected of them in terms of sucking up to passengers and how they
resented it (and would take action as possible against unfair and/or
unreasonable demands in this sphere by management).
This relates back, by the way, to the question about nurses' militancy. A
nurse union leader put it wonderfully when she told me once that nurses
learned to fight for their rights in part when they got over their
indoctrination as little girls that their role in life was to take care of
others and not think of themselves.

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> ============================================================
> Adam,
> In my efforts to understand Climate Change Denial I bumped
> into the book "The Managed Heart: Commercialization of Human
> Feeling" by Arlie Russell Hochschild, 1983.  Arlie takes off
> from Mills and goes into the direction of Marx, dealing with
> work place issues which were overlooked by Bravermann and Studs
> Terkel.  It concentrates on the "emotional labor" which
> flight attendants, bill collectors, hotel receptionists and
> many other service professions have to perform.  It is an
> amazing book, and I keep thinking: how come I haven't known
> about it?  Do others know this book, and what is your take
> on it?

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