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Counterpunch March 06, 2012

Walking His Talk
Rocky Versus the Capitalists

Rocky Anderson is one of the most appealing, and accomplished, 
progressive politicians in the history of the United States of 
America, and he’s running for president. However, the only widely 
recognized ‘Rocky’ amongst American voters is Rocky Balboa. Thus, 
Rocky Anderson can only compete for the highest office in the land 
if he gains prominence thru moneyed interests because America is 
owned by capitalists’ democracy.

According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English 
Language, a capitalist is: An investor of capital in business, 
especially one having a major financial interest in an important 

Capitalism knows how to spot lucrative (important) enterprises 
that pay dividends, and capitalists cherish the biggest dividend 
payer of all… politics; the proclivity of capitalists to invest in 
politics to earn dividends is as old as American democracy, ever 
since the Colonial era.

It would be unworthy to ignore the influence of money in politics 
since America’s break with colonialism under the tutelage of King 
George III, when the plutocrats of the day wrote the Constitution, 
e.g., George Washington was the richest man in America (and he is 
the richest-ever president, in 2010 dollars, according to Forbes’ 
Richest President’s List); he owned 8,000 acres at Mount Vernon in 
Virginia alone and thousands more acres in several surrounding 
states like N.Y. and KY; he was also a banker and a money lender 
and an owner of more slaves than anybody could count. Washington’s 
earnings equaled 2% of the total U.S. budget in 1789. Whereas, 
James Madison, the Father of the Constitution, only owned a 
560-acre plantation and 9 slaves. He was a poor-rich-man at the 
time. Most of the framers of our Constitution, similar to 
Congressional members today, except for Bernie Sanders and Dennis 
Kucinich, were/are multi-millionaires based upon today’s dollars.

But, what distinguishes today’s politics from the revered past is 
the breadth and depth of investment by capitalists in the 
enterprise of politics, and it has, indeed, become an investment, 
similar to financing a corporate enterprise. We all know how 
venture capital works: First one finds angel investors or family 
members for seed capital, then, come the venture capitalists who 
take turns at various rounds of money invested, depending upon how 
the business grows, and then, a listing on the New York Stock 
Exchange, where the Venture Capitalists sell out to the public, 
who pay top dollar to the original capitalists. The political 
process today mimics venture capital investment in enterprise and 
reaches the same conclusion with the voters buying into the 
venture capitalists’ investments, i.e., candidates.

The American tradition of moneyed interests controlling politics 
is as deep as the county is old, more so today than ever before, 
and the only way to combat this tradition is to fight back with… 
yes, money!

Enter Rocky Anderson (Justice Party); a political maverick if ever 
there has been one, a man who refuses to accept campaign donations 
over $100 from any one donor. He is the Rocky Balboa of today’s 
politics, and his candidacy is strikingly similar to the storyline 
behind the movie “Rocky,” a small-time boxer who gets a shot at 
the heavyweight championship, and it is a story ironically similar 
in so many respects to the American Horatio Alger rags-to-riches 
story that predominates capitalistic dogma, a mythology that 
perpetuates middle class presumptions about getting rich.  This is 
the only logical conclusion for why middle class people vote for 
rich Republicans, idolizing the people who represent their dreams 
of achieving wealth, the All-American solution to happiness. These 
are the same Republicans who have cleverly, over three decades, 
shifted their own taxes away from the federal government, 
resulting in massive annual deficits and soaring national debt for 
all to bear, witness: Federal tax receipts as a percentage (14%) 
of Gross Domestic Product are at 50-year lows, starving the 
federal government of adequate funding, the antithesis to 
investing in an enterprise.

At the very least, one would expect the middle class to vote 100% 
democrat… why they vote republican is a mystery even though the 
two parties are so close in policy, but hey, how about 100% voting 
for Rocky Anderson! If this happened, Rocky would become President 
of the United States of America!

There are no candidates for president who have the breadth of 
political accomplishment and progressive credentials to match 
Rocky Anderson, a Mister Rogers look alike, whose gentle, but 
firm, voice resonates deeply in any venue. This is the man who 
took on ‘W’s Administration, before, during, and after the Iraq 
invasion, traveling across the land crying out for impeachment, 
testifying before the U. S. House Judiciary Committee: “There has 
never been a more compelling case for impeachment.”

Rocky’s indomitable, audacious opposition, coast-to-coast in 
speeches and public meetings, calling for impeachment, earned him 
the accolade, “One of the most outspoken critics of the Bush 
Administration and the Iraq War,” by Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman, 
proof positive of his political courage.

He is one of America’s progressive bulldogs, never letting go in 
the face of improprieties by public officials, publicly opposing 
Reagan’s efforts to overthrow the government of Nicaragua and 
going so far as to organize two trips to Nicaragua for dozens of 
Utahans to see first hand what was happening in Nicaragua.

Rocky is unabashedly progressive in every aspect of life. As 
mayor, he turned Salt Lake City into one of the Greenest cities in 
the world, internationally renowned for his Salt Lake City Green 
Program, he achieved 31% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions 
from municipal operations in 3 years; dramatically improved 
efficiency of the city’s fleet; established a bicycle and 
pedestrian friendly city; established cogeneration plants, doubled 
recycling, and recaptured methane gas from landfills to generate 
electricity, committing Salt Lake City to the Kyoto Protocols, 
surpassing Kyoto standards seven years ahead of schedule. WOW! If 
only America could do the same, setting an example for the world, 
we might not spend so many sleepless nights worrying about lonely 
polar bears floating on tiny ice flows.

Renowned as the “Greenest Mayor in America,” he lives what he 
preaches, including xeriscaping his yard, solar panels, cold-water 
detergent, fluorescent bulbs, and a natural gas-powered car. He 
has won more awards and honors for positve accomplishments than 
the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics, combined, have won 
world championships, including Business Week naming Rocky one of 
the top twenty activists in the world on climate change.

In spite of all the accolades, Rocky has a mountainous task ahead 
of him if he is to prevail as the 45th president of the United 
States, and like the great sigh of relief that swept the land when 
George W. Bush left office, once voters thoroughly understand 
Rocky’s platform, there will be another great sigh of relief if he 
pulls off the most remarkable political coup in the history of 
U.S. politics, and if anybody can do it, he has the credentials 
and the stamina as a proven winner.

The only possible way for Rocky to win the presidency is if all of 
America’s progressives come to his support.  His web site is: 

On Super Tuesday he is planning a Moneybomb, asking supporters to 
join his campaign and send his message to 5 friends, and maybe 
they’ll pledge as well. Don’t worry if you miss the Tuesday date… 
you can still pledge.

Look at it this way: If 1,000,000 progressives donate (there must 
be several million progressives in America… aren’t there?), and if 
each can afford $100 (the maximum pledge), Rocky will receive $100 
million in pledges, and he’ll be a ‘player in capitalistic 
democracy’. He’ll be able to compete with Obama and Mitt 
head-to-head, and they’ll be obliged to bring him into the 
presidential debates, knowing how money ‘speaks’ in American 
politics; after all, it’s a tradition started by our Founding Fathers.

With Rocky’s $100 million, the established parties will look 
foolish if they do not let him participate in the debates because 
he will have earned his way in. Yes, the $100 million will for 
sure buy him a spot in the national spotlight on stage in debate 
against Mitt and Obama. How could it not since the entire election 
is based upon who has the most money to compete?

If Rocky succeeds, that is if he gets the $100 mil, which will buy 
his way into the debates (imagine the revolt by the wealthy if 
$100 million is not enough to get someone into the debates; 
they’ll fear for their own candidates in the future) the American 
public will hear what he has to say.

AND, his message conforms to everything the 99% stand for… the 99% 
will fall in love with him because he walks the talk, a rare 
politician who actually puts his rhetoric to work, accomplishing 
what he preaches, and his platform is pure progressivism or as 
they say Down Under, The Third Way, i.e., entrepreneurship in 
combination with social justice, equal opportunity, public-private 
partnerships, emphasis on human capital rather than financial 
capital whilst safeguarding the environment.

Once America grows to understand him as the only healthy political 
solution in a very sickly political climate challenged betwixt 
democrats and republicans, Rocky Fever will infect the country 
from coast-to-coast, and he’ll win the presidency! BUT, it may be 
2016, not 2012.

November 29, 2011, Rocky announced via the Salt Lake Tribune: 
“I’ll be announcing my candidacy,” for the 2012 presidential 
nominations of a new national party. He formally accepted the 2012 
presidential nomination of the Justice Party on January 13, 2012.

Robert Hunziker earned an MA in economic history at DePaul 
University. He lives in Los Angeles.

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