[Marxism] Rocky Versus the Capitalists

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(1) When I hear the name "Rocky" I don't think of a boxer; I think of a
flying squirrel whose sidekick is a moose. (2) When I hear someone saying
that they're going to "take back our democracy" and "get the money out of
politics" it reminds me of Bullwinkle the moose saying, "Hey, Rocky! Watch
me pull a rabbit of out of hat!," to which Rocky responds, "Again???" Look:
the game is rigged. If you are raising money and running to get elected to
office, you will have to play by the existing rules, and ultimately the
house always wins. Alternatively, you can run to spread a message that we
need a new game entirely. That's what Stewart Alexander and the Socialist
Party are doing. It's not a perfect campaign and message by any means, but
so far, no one has convinced me that Rocky Anderson's campaign and message
are better. Unless I see a better case made than I see in the article below,
I will vote for Alexander and do whatever I can for his campaign. I'm open
to being convinced. You Justice Party supporters, please, make the case!
Convince me! ~Tom

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Counterpunch March 06, 2012

Walking His Talk
Rocky Versus the Capitalists

Rocky Anderson is one of the most appealing, and accomplished, progressive
politicians in the history of the United States of America, and he's running
for president. However, the only widely recognized 'Rocky' amongst American
voters is Rocky Balboa. Thus, Rocky Anderson can only compete for the
highest office in the land if he gains prominence thru moneyed interests
because America is owned by capitalists' democracy.

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