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Tue Mar 6 12:14:07 MST 2012

NY Times March 6, 2012
LulzSec Hacking Suspects Are Arrested

An outspoken member of a loosely knit group of hackers that calls 
itself Lulz Security pleaded guilty to breaking into the computer 
systems of several prominent American companies, according to 
federal court papers unsealed Tuesday in New York.

Hector Xavier Monsegur, who operated under the Twitter handle The 
Real Sabu, was charged with 12 criminal counts of hacking into 
unauthorized computers, the Justice Department said, adding that 
he had been cooperating with law enforcement officials for several 

Authorities in Britain, Ireland and Chicago arrested five people 
suspected of being hackers and affiliated with Lulz Security, or 
LulzSec, which is an offshoot of the banner group called Anonymous.

The arrests suggest friction within the ranks of the “hacktivists” 
—hackers who back a political cause — who for the last two years 
have carried out attacks on companies like Sony, PayPal and most 
recently Stratfor, a geopolitical risk analysis company. They have 
also repeatedly targeted law enforcement agencies, including the 
Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Mr. Monsegur ran his schemes out of a public housing project on 
the Lower East Side of Manhattan, according to the court papers. 
His last Twitter post on Monday evening, which was written in 
German, declared: “The revolution says I am, I was, I will be.”

The five charged in the indictment were identified as Ryan 
Ackroyd, known as Kayla, and Jake Davis, or Topiary, both of 
London; Darren Martyn, known as Pwnsauce, and Donncha 
O’Cearrbhail, known as Palladium, both of Ireland; and Jeremy 
Hammond, or Anarchaos, of Chicago, who belongs to an Anonymous 
node known as AntiSec, which targeted the computer security industry.

Rob Rachwald, director of security at Imperva, a security firm, 
said the arrests were not unexpected. “They left a lot of 
electronic footprints and were not exactly careful about the 
information they were disclosing about themselves,” he said.

In June, LulzSec members admitted in a public chat room that they 
had revealed too many clues to their identities. “Sabu and I got a 
bit carried away and gave LulzSec away a bit,” read one post from 

Barrett Brown, a member of Anonymous who has often served as a 
spokesman for the group, said that his home in Dallas had been 
raided and that the F.B.I. had sent three agents to his mother’s 
house, where he was staying last night.

“I received an advance warning of the raid and put all my laptops 
in very specific places where they couldn’t be found,” Mr. Brown 
said. He said the agents left without making an arrest.

Mr. Brown said the arrests elsewhere would not slow down the 
Anonymous movement. “There are lots and lots of people here that 
continue to work. The F.B.I. did not really cut the head off of 
anything. Anonymous will go forward as usual. So will I. We hired 
an army of lawyers last January. We are prepared for a big slug-out.”

Nicole Perlroth contributed reporting.

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