[Marxism] The academic journal racket

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Thu Mar 8 07:43:34 MST 2012


Anarchy and Commercialism
March 8, 2012 - 3:00am
By Philip G. Altbach and Brendan Rapple

In recent years, scholars worldwide have found themselves under 
increasing pressure to publish more, especially in 
English-language "internationally circulated" journals that are 
included in globally respected indexes such as the ISI Citations. 
As a result, journals in these networks have been inundated by 
submissions and many of them accept as few as 10 percent of 
papers, and in some cases fewer. Given that too few journals or 
other channels exist to accommodate all the articles written, 
there has been a proliferation of new publishers offering new 
journals in every imaginable field (see, for example, the 
Directory of Open Access Journals). While some inventive scholars 
and publishers have responded to scholarly demands and new 
research trends, clever people have understood that new technology 
has created confusion as well as opportunities and that money can 
be made in the knowledge communication business.


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