[Marxism] DISK sit-in at ILO Headquarters in Ankara

Eyup Ozer eyupozer at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 08:47:15 MST 2012

Right now members of DISK trade union in Turkey are organizing a sit-in at
ILO Turkey Office and will spend the night there, in order to force
Government to apply ILO Standards and follow international Conventions on
labour rights while preparing a new Collective Labour Relations
legislation. You can find evaluation of the new collective labour relations
law presented to parliament,

Also you can find a ITUC report about labour rights in Turkey from

You can follow the events from this blog, http://occupyilo.wordpress.com and
on twitter from #OccupyILO.

Please send you messages and comments through twitter with
hashtag #OccupyILO and help us to spread the voice.

OccupyILO.wordpress.com - #OccupyILO

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