[Marxism] Morris Berman?

Sun Eagle suneagle79 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 9 15:41:57 MST 2012

Perry Anderson has asked this question in reverse: how could the most class-conscious working class in Europe {A debatable point, I know---Sun Eagle} have failed to develop any significant interest in Marxist socialism? His answer, in reducto: "In England a supine bourgeoisie produced a subordinate proletariat." Had the Cromwellian Revolution gone farther, in his opinion, and drastically reduced, physically or politically, the aristocracy, England would have produced a strong Communist Party after 1917, or at the very least a Socialist Party with stronger left leanings than Labour.

I see some interesting looking pieces on this issue. First one I found was
from Eric Foner:

Any suggestions on papers on this topic?

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