[Marxism] Brenner Debate (was Charles Post book party on youtube)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Mar 9 18:32:19 MST 2012

On 3/9/12 8:10 PM, CHRISTOPHERR CARRICO wrote:
> I'm still waiting for The American Road to Capitalism to come out in a
> cheap paperback before I read it...  you might be right in this case
> that his take on Brenner is so central to his arguments that it cannot
> be ignored...  but it just seems to me that you often place far more
> emphasis on someone's take on the Brenner Debate than would appear to
> be useful...

When a book is titled "The American Road to Capitalism", you have to 
figure that it is trying to defend a particular thesis. My problem with 
Post is that he gives short shrift to countervailing evidence. During 
the Q&A at the Brecht Forum, a young Black man (that's how he sounded) 
challenged Post on the question of debt peonage, prison labor, etc. that 
is the subject of "Slavery by Another Name" by Doug Blackmon. How does 
that fit in with the idea that the North wanted to impose "relative 
surplus value" on the South? In fact, what Wood calls political coercion 
as opposed to market coercion persisted in the South until the 1920s 
when finally advanced technology was introduced. I have dealt with all 
this in some length but Post was too much of a snob and too much of a 
coward to respond to me. He only speaks to other dons, a peculiarity 
that he is teaching at a community college rather than an Ivy League school.

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