[Marxism] On a Social History of the Restaurant

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I wrote this piece several months ago and never quite discussed it with anyone. While the piece is light and silly in places, I make some assertions about capitalism towards the end. Let me know what you think, and what "additions" i should make to the post. If you want to leave a comment, please do so. I will gladly add all your comments and suggestions. And please.... I have nothing to gain from "self-promotion". I keep my personal blog space quite private, and have no desire to "monetise" drive viewers to the site or get more "hits"... So I am not looking for"hits" or "traffic". Maybe someday, but right now I am concentrating on other writing

"The Russian Bolsheviks placed an emphasis on the communal kitchen and dining room as an essential of universal equality. At the time, Marxist, more appropriately, Soviet idealism infused true believers “with a delight in communal cooking and state-run cafeterias at the same time that it shamed the private diner”. Restaurants were denounced as “a waste of resources catering to the elite at the expense of the poor” and “the best way to manage equipment, food, fuel, and labour was to cook large amounts at once to serve many people,” Snodgrass explained. 



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