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On Mar 9, 2012, at 11:46 PM, David P Á wrote:

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> On 10/03/2012 2:20, Shane Mage wrote:
>> But sooner than that the differential life insurance premia asked  
>> from
>> Fukushima victims will give a clear picture.
>> Just as the economic impossibility of insuring nuclear power plants  
>> at
>> commercial rates already proves the unviability of nuclear power.
> The same way the economic impossibility of insuring everyone's  
> health at commercial rates proves the unviability of universal  
> healthcare?

The same way as the need for subsidies to Insurance Companies and  
compulsion against self-insurers in the Obama plan demonstrates the  
economic unviability of the US health-care system.

> Since when do Marxists follow the dictates of the law of value when  
> assessing if something is viable or not?

It is the law of value that determines whether something is  
economically viable, not self-styled Marxists who don't understand the  
law of value which, as stated by Marx (letter to Dr. Kugelmann) is:
			"...even if there were no chapter on value in my book, the analysis
			 of the real relationships which I give would contain the proof and
			 demonstration of the real value-relation...the mass of products
			 corresponding to the different needs requires different and
			 quantitatively determined masses of the total labor of society.
			 That this necessity of distributing social labor in definite  
			 cannot be done away with by the particular form of social  
			 but can only change the form it assumes, is self-evident.  No  
			 laws can be done away with...

>  Nuclear power should be assessed on the light of the world's need  
> for carbon-free energy, not on whether capitalists can make it  
> produce profits.

But in fact capitalists make it produce huge profits.  How? By  
exempting these monopolistic capitalist firms from accounting for the  
real cost of insuring against compensation for the actuarially  
expected victims of the technology; by providing them interest  
subsidies in the form of federal government guarantees of their loans  
(equity financing, of course, being unthinkable for nuclear power); by  
charging ratepayers for the plants even while still under  
construction; by including cost-overruns in the rate base; by fast- 
tracking (ie., emasculating) the process of environmental review. As  
exemplified by the very recent Obamist approval for Georgia Power's  
two new plants, the first to be built in decades!

Nuclear power should be assessed like any other technology--by  
comparison of its cost to the value of its output, relative to other  
technological paths over time.  Nuclear power is an overmature  
technology so expensive and slow to construct that it can never make a  
significant contribution to ending the world's need for CO2-producing  
energy consumption.  It is hopelessly uneconomic compared to the  
rapidly developing, steadily cheapening, range of technologies  
(especially nanotechnologies) associated with deriving useful forms of  
energy from our central electrical power plant, the sun.

Shane Mage

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