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People are frightened of nuclear energy. Estimates of damage after an
accident are very quickly politicised so their accuracy may be questioned.
However,  whatever the scale, Fukishima demonstrates the inherent risks of
nuclear power even when abstracted from the current capitalist social and
economic order. Popular fear may or may not accord with epidemiologic
studies but this is not to say it is misplaced.  Health effects of
radiation are notoriously difficult to assess and the final verdict may
take decades. In the meantime, the pre-cautionary principle (anathema under
capitalism) should apply.

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> "Finally, how many people were harmed by Fukushima in the short term?
> Official studies have chipped away at the oft-repeated claim that nobody
> died from Fukushima. Last month brought the news that 573 deaths in the
> area near the stricken reactors were certified by coroners as related to
> the nuclear crisis, with dozens more deaths to be reviewed. Another survey
> showed that births near Fukushima declined 25% in the three months
> following the meltdowns. One physician speculated that many women chose to
> deliver away from Fukushima, but an increase in stillbirths remains as a
> potential factor. In British Columbia, the number of Sudden Infant Death
> Syndrome deaths was 10 in the first three months after Fukushima, up from
> just one a year before."
> I suppose in the interest of balance, it's good to put quacks on the pages
> of marxmail. key here: "certified by coroners as related to the nuclear
> crisis". A huh. And more lies. heart attacks, car accidents, flood victims
> (2) from the reactor site, stress. Not ONE is from the radiation and no
> coroner has certified it as such. The Mangano and Sherman team are
> *discredited* for declaring that "40,000 people had died as a result of the
> Fukushima reactors". They were forced to withdraw their stupid remarks to
> ridicule from the entire epidemiology and health physics community. Of
> course not as bad as those that keep spreading it, however.
> David
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