[Marxism] China Already Has 100 Million Electric Vehicles (really?)

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 22:31:11 MST 2012



The above link is a news story on the same paper. I gather you didn't have
time to really read the actual Blog analysis of this, which is very
extensive and insightful? It doesn't really matter what kind of electric
vehicle. When I was there 8 years ago I saw a lot of small car-like
vehicles, electric trikes, electric 2 seaters like the Western "Smart Car"
and so on. You must of seen them when you were there recently.

The point of the article is that given China's almost unregulated coal
burning, 700 GWs of it, that the vehicles as the destination for all this
coal generated power, add absolutely nothing to the health of the country
and in fact take away from it. The author of the blog is a chemist and
health scientist. He doesn't like coal much, which you will get from
reading this. The author doesn't like cars and hates the US car culture
immensely. So he's taking shots at the idea that the problem is what kind
of vehicles we use if the generation for EVs is fossil fuel, which it is in
the US to the tune of about 70%.


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