[Marxism] China Already Has 100 Million Electric Vehicles (really?)

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 23:07:34 MST 2012

Ok, I get Michaels' question.

Well, yes, electric vehicles lower gasoline consumption directly. Obviously
a good thing. But does the electricity from the wall socket used to charge
the electric vehicle in turn produce MORE GHG and particulate that would
otherwise be made from the gasoline? This is the gist of the NNadir blog I
linked to on the DailyKos.

In China 80% of the electricity is generated by coal. In the US it's 49%.
The other 51% is, in order of size, natural gas, nuclear, hydro. So does
this differential between the Chinese 80+% and the US' 30% make electric
vehicles somwhat more benign? I don't know. Don't have an answer. Certainly
NOT as bad as in China. But that is US totals. You, like myself, live in
California where the load is only about 8% coal from out of state. The
majority is natural, gas, then nuclear, then hydro. So that's a plus
clearly, especially with regards to particulate. And in your area
specifically, the northern part of the state, the hydro is much bigger
still so it seems to make sense...if you can justify spending so much money
for 20 miles round trip a few times a month, hell, I'd get a motorcycle and
have fun doing it!

Then again, knowing where you live, your summer electric bills for air
conditioning must be quite high, yes?


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