[Marxism] China Already Has 100 Million Electric Vehicles (really?)

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 12:02:57 MDT 2012

Mike, you are correct, there is no plan   "for fuel cells to be powered by
hydrogen created by nukes."

Would be nice but it'll never happen. The plans don't exist. I would of
seen them and they would be challenged publicly by all the anti-nukes out

Vijaya, what you say is accurate and IS the whole point of the DK blog
entry I pointed people too. It's the basic thesis that EVs don't really
help and could make things worse depending on if one believes that
gasoline/diesel is worse that coal. A made the point, in a countries like
Brazil, Ecuador, Norway, Sweden and France where upward of over 70% of the
grid is non-carbon (100% hydro in the case of Norway to 80% nuclear in the
case of France and the rest in between) then in fact electric vehicles ARE
non-carbon and are a great idea. In a country like China with 90% coal or
the US and Germany with 50% coal, it's not so great.

Fuel cells. Been to your auto parts store recently? They *do not exist*.
Look around. They are still in the very experimental, and, expensive stage.
Secondly, the require of two things: natural gas or hydrogen. Wanna guess
the carbon output of using natural gas in a fuel cell? Same as that as  gas
turbine or about half as much as ... coal. Less particulate and heavy
metals, of course. And hydrogen? Made from lots of natural gas. Renewables,
hydro and nuclear can be used of course, but it's very expensive to use

I look forward to a sea-change in battery storage and charged by nuclear,
as in France.


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