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A new MG,Jr article has appeared; and my blog 
(http://manuelgarciajr.wordpress.com) and Internet bibliography have 
been updated (in "About"). [more on article, further down]

The Asia Development Bank (HQ, Manila) used my hyperbolic tangent model 
of the HDI-energy relationship (which I displayed in my EFHD Report 1, 
which is now housed at the "Energy For Human Development" entry at my 
blog) in their book “Energy for All: Addressing the Energy, Environment, 
and Poverty Nexus in Asia.” This ADB book is available as a free PDF 
file, at:


I have put all my significant reports on the HDI-energy use correlation, 
as well as on the probabilistic models of national energy-mix policy, in 
PDF form and available at my "Energy For Human Development" blog entry. 
My very recent article, "The Economic Function of Energy" was a 
narrative presentation of my conclusions arrived at by EFHD modeling 
(plus some suggestive future-casting). I am encouraged to think that an 
organization like ADB has used my results (which appear specifically in 
part 2, figures 32 and 33 of the ADB book).


Climate change is industrialized karma prompting humanity to evolve 
uniformly equitable social behavior to survive.

Can humanity unite to stop climate change? I answer that question in the 
following article.

The Righteous And The Heathens Of Climate And Capitalism
12 March 2012


APPENDIX: Athabasca Oil/Tar Sands

An excellent presentation by Garth Lenz on the Athabasca tar sands, on 


Here are photographs of these bitumen deposits in Alberta, Canada (long 
link name):


[Some comments follow on how I treated the above in "The Economic 
Function Of Energy"]

BTW, my prediction about the Keystone XL pipeline was embedded in my 
energy article in the current issue of Swans. I assumed/guessed that 
Democrat rule will continue till 2016 (big assumption about the 2014 
midterm there), mainly because of positive economic growth (despite 
major gaps) and because of poor connection with the public on social 
issues, by Republicans (e.g., misogyny). Yesterday, the 8th [of March], 
the Senate Democrats blocked a Republican move to give the pipeline an 
approval for construction. The Obama Administration is conflicted 
between its pro-business (specifically pro investor) inclination, and 
its need to retain the support of the environmentally concerned portion 
of the US public.

That being so, a post 2012 Obama Administration would be sensitive to 
anti-pipeline politics by Mid-West agricultural interests, besides 
popular environmentalism, because of concern for polluting farmland 
(wheat) and the Ogallala Aquifer. So, I invented a pro-oil policy (which 
Republicans could support) that avoids such a pipeline (which Obama 
wants to find a way of structuring for "jobs creation"), but still 
manages to exploit the tar sands. I called it "Carbon Neutral Free 
Market Economy." My purpose was to present a dystopian possibility, as a 
preventive measure not an encouragement.

The link to the many images of the Alberta oil/tar sands was sobering. 
Many of Garth Lenz's images were shown there.

The entire tar sands and pipeline situation is so frustrating to me, 
because I know we could do so much better. I am largely reconciled to 
the fact that the psychological (dare I say religious?) equations of oil 
= money and money = god are too rooted in too many minds for the rare 
and obscure "contrarian" (heretical?) articles like mine to change. And 
so humanity, led by Homo Americanus, may think (unthinkingly) itself 
extinct. And, maybe that's what nature really wants as a cure to its 
global fever.


Don't let it get you depressed. Despite all the lunacy out there, life 
can be as good as we wish to make it. Here's a pick-me-up I'm grateful 
Jeffry St. Clair at CP decided to publish:

Epiphany On The Glacier
21 November 2007

Best to all,

Manuel Garcia, Jr.

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