[Marxism] Three films of note

Daniel Lindvall daniel.lindvall at filmint.nu
Mon Mar 12 01:24:45 MDT 2012

> On 3/11/12 6:29 PM, Daniel Lindvall wrote:
>> I agree with your appreciation of A Separation and This is not a Film
>> (the final scene of this minimalist documentary - in the elevator  
>> with
>> the janitor - is so perfect I wonder if it was at least a bit
>> scripted...).
> I wondered the same thing.
> Ironically, that brought me back to that class I took on  
> documentaries at Columbia from the idiot professor more interested  
> in epistemology than what makes a film work. Thankfully, the thought  
> only lingered with me for about 15 seconds.
> Ultimately, who cares?

Agreed. If the scene was scripted I admire it all the more. It was  
exactly the scene the film needed to be more truthful, even if it  
would happen to be fiction.

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