[Marxism] Three films of note

Daniel Lindvall daniel.lindvall at filmint.nu
Mon Mar 12 01:29:31 MDT 2012

On 11 mar 2012, at 23.48, Louis Proyect wrote:

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> On 3/11/12 6:29 PM, Daniel Lindvall wrote:
>> I agree with your appreciation of A Separation and This is not a Film
>> (the final scene of this minimalist documentary - in the elevator  
>> with
>> the janitor - is so perfect I wonder if it was at least a bit
>> scripted...). BUT, I must totally disagree about In a Better World. I
>> found it racist and 'classist', the former completely in line with
>> Bier's and her steady scriptwriter Jensen's other work. I wrote  
>> about it
>> in this piece at the time of the Oscar:
>> http://www.counterpunch.org/2011/02/28/kipling-goes-to-the-oscars/
> I had the same reaction to you on the Sudan scenes but much of the  
> rest hit home with me. I nearly used a knife on a bully myself when  
> I was Christian's age.
Bier & Jensen are good at psychology. I have had to confront quite a  
few bullies myself as a kid and a teenager and agree that the way they  
deal with the felt need for reasserting oneself even through physical  
violence rings true. But the racist pattern of their films and the way  
the only adult working class character is portrayed in this film,  
together with statements by Bier, makes me think of her films as  
otherwise rather ideologically nasty.

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