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DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 08:43:19 MDT 2012

"...future harm into countless generations from escaping radiation's
effects, including those effects on the ground and on its produce and on
all living things, as we all might know by now..."

Try to find a study that even points to low dosages of radiation as
harmful. By all means.  "as we all might now by now" is hardly the
conclusion, it's an article of faith on your part. The huge anti-nuclear
INDUSTRY does just that: sow fear and uncertainty without regard to science
as it subordinates science to an anti-nuclear *ideology* without much basis
in health physics.

The fact that GE has built it's plants safe is a concrete fact. You "think"
they cut corners, but wouldn't be able to prove it. Your statement mixes
different issues, and you clearly did not look at what happened in
Fukushima Diachi...and most likely...Fukusuhima Dinai. I'm not here to
defend the integrity of GE or any other reactor builder, or TEPCO, those
responsible for running the Fukushima plants. The latter should be truly
nationalized sooner, rather than later, GE as well.

But the building of plants, their running of them, their siting, the
safety, has to be looked at specifically, and not in the broad "They are
capitalist thus they always build shit" which is your view of this. Please,
never get on a Boeing aircraft again, I wouldn't, EVER, based on your

Your method is totally useless in examining either Fukushima specifically
or nuclear energy generally. Your conclusions are faith-based and not
science based.

David Walters

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