[Marxism] China Already Has 100 Million Electric Vehicles.

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 12 09:08:49 MDT 2012

          My point is that a relatively cleaner power is one that:
1. Does not burn fossil fuels
2. Does not use environmentally damaging chemicals either for generation or storage of power
3. Has at least a faint carbon toe print instead of a heavy carbon foot print
Obviously, in the immediate future, poly-generation, that intelligently combines all available sources ( fossil as well as renewable) in a dynamic combination of balanced generation and consumption in a micro-grid, without the need to store power and avoids conversion of energy from one form to another to the extent possible is the best answer. 

As any engineer can understand, storing energy in flywheels is not much helpful for transportation, though it is the cleanest way of storing energy.
I see the brightest future in solar thermal air conditioning as, in urban areas, ac loads consume almost a third of the peak summer afternoon load. In hot climates, this option is much more attractive in reliving burden on the public distribution system, while saving precious fossil fuels.
The Hydrogen required for firing fuel cells can be produced by concentrated solar power plants ...... may be some time in the future, hopefully!
Vijaya Kumar Marla

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