[Marxism] China Already Has 100 Million Electric Vehicles.

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 10:19:07 MDT 2012

Marla, I agree with some of what you write. The priority has to be non/low
carbon generation and production. This is the main thing for the planet in
terms of GHG emissions. I think it takes precedence over everything else
you mentioned.

You cannot run a modern industrial society on 'mirco-grids'. I'm always
fascinated why people get into "distributive generation" , "local
generation" "micro-grids". There is simply no inherent advantage over this,
nor, for heavy industry and higher technology development, is it at all

The key is to end the commodification of electricity (and especially the
speculation on wholesale markets for it!) through *political* campaigns for
nationalization of the energy sector under workers and consumer control.
This wouldn't really end it as a 'commodity' in that we live under
capitalism, but you see the point?

At this point various proposals over *increasing* and rationalizing energy
production and usage can begin to be addressed in a serious way.

In places like South Asia and Africa, rural electrification would also be a
priority, if only to get people off "renewables" (indoor burning for
cooking and heating with cow dung and charcoal, made from burning up
forests), and to spur economic development, breaking down the lines between
countryside and city-side.

Much residential things can be done in all countries, like ground-based
geothermal heating of homes (if the costs are manageable) to insulation to
efficiency and conservation programs. But these are band-aids. We need to
combine this with a huge expansion of electrical use around the world, if
only because it will take an expansion of electrical generation to raise
living standards AND get us off fossil fuels.


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