[Marxism] Occupy Atlanta organizes against anti-occupy legislation

Greg McDonald gregmc59 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 11:48:37 MDT 2012

Here is a fact sheet about the bills passed on March 6. Feel free to
copy and paste anything you want. If you want me to send you a PDF
with this in (not very attractive) flyer format either post or PM me
your e-mail address.

Bills Passed by the Georgia State Senate on March 6

SB 292 – Requires drug tests for people who receive Temporary
Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). This bill would apply even for
grandparents, great grandparents, or family members who take children
into their homes. In the event of a negative test the tax-payers pay
the bill, and a similar law in Florida wound up costing more than it

SB 438 – This bill bans state employee health insurance plans from
offering coverage for abortion services, even in cases of rape or
incest. The majority party pushed this bill to a vote without allowing
for any debate or amendments. No woman was allowed to speak to this

SB 460 – This bill would exempt religiously affiliated businesses from
having to provide birth control coverage. Women would be denied any
contraceptive services, even birth control pills for reasons other
than contraceptive. What's next? Will businesses run by Christian
Scientists be exempted from providing services involving blood

SB 312 – If this bill passes the House, people who apply for food
stamps in Georgia would be required to take “personal growth”
activities in order to receive their benefits. This means that mothers
with children over the age of six would be denied their benefits if
they are not taking classes. It is also unclear where the state
government will find enough money to pay for all of these “personal
growth” activities.

SB 469 – This bill would make any civil disobedience punishable by up
to one year in jail. It would also raise a one thousand dollar fine to
individuals, and a ten thousand dollar fine for any organizations that
those individuals belong to. It is not an understatement to say that,
had this bill existed in the fifties and sixties, a peaceful civil
rights movement would have been impossible.

11:00am Capitol Building

An example of our outreach:

Just got back from my one-man MARTA outreach mission from Avondale to
You don't need a big team and you don't need to be shy. The people are
behind us 100%. Every time I do this I get super-charged from the
potential energy that exists in Atlanta. I even missed my stop because
so many people wanted to talk to me about Occupy Atlanta.

I printed 40 flyers on my home printer, with a picture on the front
and my fact-sheet of the bills that have been passed. I think the fact
sheet is very important, because it means I don't have to stand there
and explain every single thing. It also gives people something to read
while they ride. It is also important to have the date of the rally on
the front in big letters. By the time I got to the women's march I was
out of flyers.

Finally, on this single trip I got about a dozen names. I could have
gotten more, but it takes too much time to pass the clipboard around.
That would be the only reason it might be nice to have two instead of
one person. Seriously, don't be shy! You will discover how much love
and support we have from working people all over the city.

Wesley Morris

Occupy activists are hitting the marta trains 3 days a week. We are
also speaking at churches, flyering at concert events and other large
public gatherings. "Hitting the bricks" traditional one-on-one and
small group organizing.

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