[Marxism] Sarkozy and his generous supporter

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Mon Mar 12 16:39:13 MDT 2012


Sarkozy pledges to 'save European way of life'

Six weeks ahead of elections, French President Nicolas Sarkozy is 
seeking to appeal to far right voters by vowing to crack down on 
immigration to France.

By Robert Marquand, Staff writer
posted March 12, 2012 at 12:45 pm EDT

So now, Nicolas Sarkozy is – maybe – going to close France to the rest 
of Europe.

In a grand reelection rally last night, the French president threatened 
last night to end French participation in Europe's free travel zone 
should the continent fail to tighten its borders. Lax controls and 
illegal immigrants threaten an “implosion of Europe” Mr. Sarkozy said, 
only days after saying France has too many foreigners.

Last night’s cry from the president at a rally of more than 50,000 was 
to “save the European way of life” threatened by illegals and 
globalization. Both themes are the chief points of the far right 
nationalist Marine Le Pen; at one point Sarkozy beseeched the crowd to 
"help" save a France in crisis. He also proposed a protectionist “buy 
European” plan that would allow only European contractors to bid for 
European infrastructure building, and said that if it failed, he would 
make it apply only to France.




Gaddafi 'contributed €50m to Sarkozy's 2007 presidential election fund'

French president hit by new claims as confidential note suggests 
ex-Libyan leader helped finance his election campaign

     Kim Willsher in Paris
     guardian.co.uk, Monday 12 March 2012 15.16 EDT

Damaging new claims have emerged about the funding of Nicolas Sarkozy's 
2007 election campaign and his links with former Libyan leader Muammar 
Gaddafi emerged.

The French investigative website Mediapart claims to have seen a 
confidential note suggesting Gaddafi contributed up to €50m (£42m) to 
Sarkozy's election fund five years ago.

Similar allegations emerged a year ago when Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam 
claimed Libya helped finance the 2007 campaign and demanded the French 
president, who led the war on the Libyan leader, return the money.

In an interview with the Euronews TV channel, Saif al-Islam, who is 
currently being held in Libya after his father's defeat and death, 
threatened to make details of the bank transfers public after the French 
leader threw his weight behind opposition forces.

The latest allegations come at a crucial time for Sarkozy who is seeking 
a second term in office in a two-round election in under six weeks.

Mediapart journalist Fabrice Arfi told the Guardian he had seen leaked 
documents contained in the legal dossier of the affair, currently under 
investigation by a judge.

"We knew these documents existed but it is the first time we have had 
the details of what was in them," he said.

"And there are lots of details, including dates, places and amounts."

One document, a government briefing note, allegedly points to visits to 
Libya by Sarkozy and his close colleagues and advisers, which it says 
were aimed at securing campaign funding.

Shortly after Sarkozy's election, Colonel Gaddafi was invited to Paris 
and allowed to pitch his bedouin tent in the grounds of an official 
French residence close to the Elysée Palace. He was described as the 
"Brother Leader" by the French.

When previously asked about Saif al-Islam's claims, a spokesman for the 
Elysée Palace told Le Monde: "We deny it, quite evidently."

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