[Marxism] Peter Novick, Wrote Controversial Book on Holocaust, Dies at 77

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Tue Mar 13 12:25:58 MDT 2012

Dr. Novick was the first to break the "Holocaust as a religion" myth, and will be severely missed. He argued specifically that the Holocaust came to dominate American Jewish life only after the June 1967 war, "as a vicarious way for American Jews to fight in that war." His documentation included everything from TV show scripts to Jewish newspapers published in the US, showing how relatively little notice was devoted to the Holocaust before the Six Day war.
On the other side we have the likes of ADL chief Abraham Foxman, who fatuously proclaimed a few years ago in his book NEVER AGAIN? that the world was on the brink of a new Holocaust, due to the global reaction against Israel during the two intifadas. (A small disclosure: I'm in Foxman's book, although not by name, only in reference to my profession and institutional affiliation, since "The Fox" knew I could sue him for libel.)
Novick was also right that when historians claimed for themselves the mantle of "scientific objectivity" they loss their ability to write, and along with that, their audience.

NY Times March 13, 2012
Peter Novick, Wrote Controversial Book on Holocaust, Dies at 77

Peter Novick, a history professor at the University of Chicago who stirred controversy in 1999 with a book contending that the legacy of the Holocaust had come to unduly dominate American Jewish identity, died on Feb. 17 at his home in Chicago. He was 77.

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