[Marxism] Syrian regime assault has backfired

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Socialist Worker 2294, 17 March 2012

Syrian regime assault has backfired

by Simon Assaf

Mutinies and defections in the Syrian army have grown since last week’s 
murderous assault on Homs—considered to be the capital of the revolution.

Hundreds of soldiers and officers have pledged to defend demonstrations 
and neighbourhoods from security forces and pro‑regime militias.

All this comes as the regime launches a new offensive on rebel 
heartlands across the country.

The West is still desperate to hijack the revolution—but victories are 
being won by the rebels.

Aleppo, Syria’s biggest city, is slipping out of regime control. The 
daily demonstrations by students at the University of Aleppo have spread 
to middle class neighbourhoods and working class suburbs of the 
industrial city.

The attack on Homs has reignited demonstrations in the mainly Kurdish 
regions along Syria’s border with Turkey, as well as strikes in the 
capital Damascus.

These protests are becoming bolder and more frequent.

Hundreds of civilians are believed to have been killed in Homs during 
the “cleansing operation” following the assault on the Baba Amr 

Among the victims are Palestinian families who were taking refuge there.

It is difficult to measure the size and effectiveness of the disparate 
groups of soldiers who make up the Free Syrian Army, but they are 
growing in number.

More and more reports are emerging of troops walking away from battles 
or turning their guns on their officers.

In scores of videos posted on YouTube, officers and soldiers pledge to 
defend civilians and protect the unity of the country against sectarian 

The gamble taken by the regime when it decided to destroy Baba Amr 
appears to have backfired.

The popular revolution in Syria has deepened—and the regime is becoming 
more desperate, more violent and more iso

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