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NATO forces already operating in Syria
Revealed by recent Stratfor WikiLeaks e-mail

By Tayfun Gol
March 13, 2012

Despite Western powers¹ denial of military involvement in Syria, undercover
NATO forces are already on the ground, according to recently leaked
WikiLeaks documents.

The key document is an e-mail written by Reva Bhalla, director of analysis
for Stratfor, a leading private U.S. intelligence agency. The e-mail
contains details of a Pentagon meeting that took place in early December
2011 and was attended by members of the U.S. Air Force Strategic Studies
Group along with high-ranking military officers, including French and
British representatives.

During the meeting, the military officials mention that, despite official
claims to the contrary, foreign troops from NATO powers were already on the
ground in Syria. ³After a couple hours of talking, they said without
[saying] that SOF [Special Operations Forces] teams (presumably from the
U.S., UK, France, Jordan, Turkey) are already on the ground focused on recce
[reconnaissance] missions and training opposition forces.²

When Bhalla asked about what these forces would be working toward, he got
the following response from the military officials: ³The idea
'hypothetically' is to commit guerrilla attacks, assassination campaigns,
try to break the back of the Alawite forces, elicit collapse from within.²

The "Alawite forces" refers to the Syrian government. The Alawites are a
sect of Shi'a Islam, as distinct from the majority of the Syrian population,
who are Sunni Muslims. There is also a sizeable Christian population. The
Assad family and some in the ruling circle are Alawites. But Syria has a
secular state.

The Syrian population is deeply divided and both sides, the government and
the rebels, have a substantial base of support. The dividing line among the
population is not simply one of Christians and Alawites on the government's
side, versus the Sunnis on the rebel side. There are definitely many Sunnis
who support the government. But with the leading role that the Muslim
Brotherhood plays in the opposition, sectarian divisions have been
accentuated in the course of the last year. The rebel forces in Syria are
made up mostly of Sunni Muslims.

This document appears to show that U.S. and NATO forces are already in Syria
planning terrorist attacks and assassinations against the state and training
rebels in order to overthrow the sovereign government of Syria.

Mossad, CIA, Blackwater and British in Homs conflict

There have been other reports of foreign troops entering Syria, especially
in Homs, which has witnessed fierce fighting between Syrian government
forces and rebels. Last month, an Israeli intelligence outfit, Debka,
revealed that British Special Forces were ³operating with rebel forces under
cover in the Syrian city of Homs just 162 kilometers from Damascus.²

In addition to the British involvement in supporting the rebels, a recent
security operation in Homs by Syrian forces revealed the role of Mossad, CIA
and Blackwater forces after 700 Arab and Western gunmen were captured in the
Baba Amr district, the former rebel stronghold. Among the captured gunmen
were Qatari intelligence agents and non-Arab fighters from Afghanistan,
Turkey and France. Along with the gunmen, advanced Israeli, European and
American weapons were captured. A coordination office established in Qatar
with intelligence agents from Qatar, Saudi Arabia as well as CIA, Mossad and
Blackwater oversaw the rebel military operations in Baba Amr, Homs.

Document exposes Turkish role in Syrian civil war

A WikiLeaks e-mail between a Turkish official and a Stratfor analyst exposes
the role U.S.-client state and NATO member Turkey is playing in escalating
the civil war in Syria by providing training, arms and support to the "Free
Syrian Army." This is a militia that operates out of Turkey and claims to
have about 10,000 fighters. The same document also exposes the mainstream
media's propaganda function when the Turkish official comments: ³Notice all
the talk in the press now about civil war breaking out in Syria. This is the
narrative Turkey and U.S. want to build."

When the Stratfor analyst mentions the challenges in creating the conditions
for a civil war due to the strength of the government forces, the Turkish
official acknowledges that ³it'll be messy and it will take a lot of blood
and time for a Sunni power to emerge in Syria, but that this is the Turkish

In a recent interview with BBC, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has
admitted that al-Qaeda and other groups on the U.S. terror list are actually
fighting on the same side as the U.S. in Syria,‹that is, aiding opposition
rebels. In fact, al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri has publicly expressed
support for Syrian rebels. Recent terrorist bombings in February in Aleppo
have been linked to al-Qaeda. These attacks have killed 28 people, including
civilians as well as Syrian officials.

Media source on human rights tied to U.S. and Britain

The ³Syrian Observatory for Human Rights² has been the major source for
mainstream media reports about Syria. This outfit is essentially a one-man
show based in London and operating in connection with the Damascus Center
for Human Rights, an NGO based in Syria's capital. The Damascus Center for
Human Rights, in turn, boasts affiliation with the National Endowment for
Democracy, an NGO directly funded by the U.S. Congress.

A Reuters photo published in November 2011 also proved the connection
between the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the British government.
The photo depicts the head of the organization, Rami Abdelrahman, leaving
the Foreign and Commonwealth Office after meeting with British Foreign
Secretary William Hague.

Most of the organization¹s reports are based on phone calls and YouTube
videos from Syria, without any independent sources to confirm their validity
or accuracy. Despite the glaringly dubious nature of the organization and
the fact that it is working in coordination with both U.S.-funded NGOs and
the British government, mainstream media outlets have extensively relied on
this organization as the main source of their news from Syria.

While this London-based organization is mass producing shady reports about
alleged human rights violations by the Syrian government, the U.S. and
British governments are at the same time setting up the shameless pretext in
the U.N. for an armed intervention under the guise of the so-called ³Right
to protect² doctrine.

Main goal: To install another U.S. puppet regime in Syria

Earlier in February, when a U.N. Security Council resolution to promote
regime change in Syria was vetoed by Russia and China, Susan Rice, U.S.
ambassador to the U.N., accused Russia and China of holding the Security
Council ³hostage.² This accusation, from the representative of a country
that on 42 occasions vetoed resolutions critical of the state of Israel, is
laughable at best. Rice is a leading supporter of the aforementioned ³Right
to Protect² doctrine, which advocates the ³right² of imperialist powers to
engage in armed intervention for ³humanitarian² purposes.

Historically, the role of the U.S. and its allies in the Middle East has
been centered on the drive to install and maintain client states while
pushing for the overthrow of independent ones. Oppressive regimes like Saudi
Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar enjoy full support as long as they loyally
serve the interests of the U.S. and its allies. When needed, they willingly
participate in the imperialist plans to overthrow neighboring independent
states. The role of Turkey, Qatar and Israel in the latest plot against
Syria clearly demonstrates this.

The fact is that the U.S. government and its allies have long been after
regime change in Syria. As in the case of Libya, the Syrian state is not a
workers' state nor a socialist country, even though there is substantial
state ownership of large industrial enterprises. In a document assessing the
country, the U.S. State Department complains that Syria has ³failed to join
an increasingly interconnected global economy.²

The same document goes on to mention that as a result of the Ba¹athists¹
(ruling party) ideological fixation on socialism, ³privatization of
government enterprises is still not widespread.² The economy ³remains highly
controlled by the government.² Article 14 in the newly adopted Syrian
Constitution reaffirms the importance of the public ownership of ³natural
resources, facilities, institutions and public utilities.² In other words,
in the eyes of the U.S. government, by pursuing independent economic
policies and refusing to surrender its state-owned enterprises to
imperialism, Syria is guilty as charged.

No to imperialist intervention in Syria

If the imperialist project to overthrow the Syrian regime succeeds, it would
be a great defeat for the people of Syria and the Middle East. Syria¹s
resources would quickly be plundered by the Western governments and
investors. There would most likely be a violent sectarian conflict between
the Alawites, Christians and Sunnis that make up the Syrian population. The
new puppet government would willingly sign a peace treaty with Israel,
causing a historic setback for the Palestinian struggle.

It does not take much imagination to draw these conclusions about Syria if
we only take into account the recent and grim aftermath of the NATO
intervention in Libya. The progressives and liberals who earlier rushed to
cheer for the so-called ³Libyan revolution² are now left to make excuses for
a group of NATO-installed criminals whose short record includes racist
lynchings, mass executions and the handing over of Libya¹s resources to
their imperialist masters.

U.S. imperialism is driven by the expand-or-die logic of capitalism to
dominate the world politically, economically and militarily. Backed by
mainstream media lies and despite its fake rhetoric of ³freedom, democracy
and human rights,² its interventions are intended to increase profit for its
capitalist class and secure its global domination.

It is the responsibility of all progressive and revolutionary forces to
oppose all forms of intervention in Syria, whether by the U.S. government
and its imperialist allies or by their client states. Hands off Syria!

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