[Marxism] NATO intervention in Syria

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 14 12:49:46 MDT 2012

Jeff: "any Syrian rebel found using an Israeli weapon would likely
be shot by his (ex-) comrades.  This kind of talk is designed for the

Talk about gullible. Just on first principles, it's an acknowledged fact
that the Syrian rebels are short of weapons, so any Syrian rebel who looked
down on ANY weapon of any origin would be an idiot. On top of that, some of
the leadership of the rebels has directly appealed to Israel for support.

">Main goal: To install another U.S. puppet regime in Syria

"That's their *goal* for about 200 countries. They've been rather
unsuccessful even in Iraq and Afghanistan"

The rulers of Iraq and Afghanistan have to maintain a certain nominal
independence lest they be run out of town by their own people. Such are the
disadvantages of neo-colonialism vs. real colonialism. Nevertheless, whether
they should be characterized as "puppets" or not, they are certainly firmly
OUT of any kind of anti-imperialist stance. Do you really think the U.S.
would be selling warplanes to Iraq if they had any doubts about the loyalty
of its rulers?

"> the handing over of Libya¹s resources to
>their imperialist masters.

"Oh that's real interesting! Could Eli give some examples and numbers? (And
sources for those numbers!)"

I notice you left out the previous words referring to "racist lynchings,
mass executions." As to the economic issues, I personally have seen very
little about economic developments in Libya since the overthrow of Gaddafi.
But I do know this - Gaddafi's plans for the creation of an African
investment bank, an African monetary fund and an  African central bank, all
of which could have begun to free Africa from the tyranny of the IMF, the
World Bank, and imperialism, are now firmly in the dustbin of history.

Eli Stephens
 Left I on the News

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