[Marxism] NATO intervention in Syria

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Wed Mar 14 16:14:27 MDT 2012

At 11:49 14/03/12 -0700, Eli Stephens wrote:
>>"> the handing over of Libya©ös resources to
>>>their imperialist masters.
>>"Oh that's real interesting! Could Eli give some examples and numbers? (And
>>sources for those numbers!)"
>I notice you left out the previous words referring to "racist lynchings,
>mass executions."

Thank you for perfectly illustrating my point, Eli. Rather than one obvious
fabrication after another like the Syrian state media propagates, PSL is
sophisticated enough to start by citing some actual facts -- albeit
exaggerated -- before introducing an amazing claim about the transfer of
"resources to their imperialist masters" by the Libyan revolutionaries. So
I ASKED FOR SOME EVIDENCE of the claim but got:

> As to the economic issues, I personally have seen very
>little about economic developments in Libya since the overthrow of Gaddafi.

Well me neither, but perhaps PSL has some remarkable information resource
that they could share with us. I'm waiting. And staying on the same
subject, I received an email from Ramsey Clark (soliciting donations for
the IAC) lamenting that "Finally, Libya's oil was wrested from its people's
control at devastating cost in life and property." So maybe the IAC can
cite the source of the damning information that "Eli Stephens, Left I on
the News," isn't privy to.

>But I do know this - Gaddafi's plans for the creation of an African
>investment bank,....are now firmly in the dustbin of history.

Great answer. I mean, why cite your sources to a previous statement when
you can come up with a different statement that I probably won't challenge?   

>Talk about gullible. Just on first principles, it's an acknowledged fact
>that the Syrian rebels are short of weapons, so any Syrian rebel who looked
>down on ANY weapon of any origin would be an idiot.
Yes of course. What I was clearly talking about is if they found someone
working in cahoots with Israel.

> On top of that, some of
>the leadership of the rebels has directly appealed to Israel for support.

And I was happy (but not surprised) to see that position firmly denounced
overwhelmingly by the Syrian revolutionaries  as they want no association
with Israel. Another non-issue and failed attempt at guilt by association,
in this case an association that doesn't even vaguely exist.

But I'm still waiting for the supposed evidence about the transfer of
Libyan resources and oil to the imperialists. Or will Eli finally publish a

- Jeff

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