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Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 16 07:57:27 MDT 2012

I can't take credit for either of the following commentaries, which were
written by "friends of friends" on Facebook, but I'll post them as a
response to the bourgeois press analysis of the same event which Louis has
shared with us in an attempt to demonize "our" "enemy", as has happened
countless times before during the build-up to war:

"Assuming they are authentic, what do the Guardian's leaks of Assad's mails
prove? That this is a regime, which even in its private correspondences,
refers to Israel as "the enemy" and which seeks to "remind" people that "it
is in their interest to have enmity with Israel and not to submit to the
west." Given how Wikileaks exposed the hypocrisy of even the most liberal
democracies, let alone the Zionized Arab "moderate" regimes, one cannot
overstate the significance of how the Assad leadership's public discourse on
Palestine and resistance is identical with its private discourse."

Let's review what we have learned from the Assad emails, mostly personal,
that the Guardian has published and made a huge deal out of, as if it were
some scandal tabloid like the Murdoch-owned News of the World:

 1. The Assad's having spent several years in London, behave very much like
normal Western people - listening to pops on iTunes, and reading  bestseller
books about horrible exploitative CEO's like Steve Jobs, and Harry Potter.
They are guilty only of having the same bad taste and being as
impressionable by fads as 95% of the population of the Western world. They
are not 'deep' but neither are they anything but normal people in a
difficult position, trying to live through and lead their country in a time
of sectarian insurrection, fundamentalist jihad, and foreign covert and
military intervention.

 2. They love each other and are obviously openly loved and admired by their
aids and friends

 3. Bashar doesn't think much of the liberal poltical reforms he has begun
(surprise surprise, neither do I!), but is carrying them through nonetheless

 4. Asma Assad likes online shopping, like many women, and has made some
purchases in the last year - bespoke furniture, candlesticks, one expensive
pair of shoes and jewelry, that while extravagant by middle class standards,
are completely within the same sphere as other world First Lady's such as
Carla Bruni and Michelle Obama (on the evening of the same day the Guardian
broke their story, Michelle Obama wore a £10,000 dress and custom jewelry
worth several thousand dollars to dinner with the Camerons, and the Western
press only gushed about it) - Except that by most standards - Asma Assad
exhibits better style and taste than either of the two First Lady's
previously mentioned.

 5. The Assad's believe in private everything they have said about what is
happening in their country. No hypocrisy here. They believe they are doing
the best thing to preserve their country and protect their people.

 6. The Assad's do not drown kittens before bed, torture children for tea,
or eat little babies for breakfast.

 7. The Guardian's outrage that despite their and other Western propaganda
outlets like the Al-Jazeera mouthpiece of the bloody Qatari monarchy, best
efforts to fan the flames of this isolated sectarian insurrection into a
fullfledged conflagration and civil war, that life in most of Syria, both
for the Assads, and most law-abiding Syrian citizens, goes on pretty much as
 In fact an article today in the Guardian has suggested that the emails
personalize the Assad's too much, that they are a mistake, and that what is
needed in the Western MSM to pursue their regime change propaganda against
Syria is not to humanize him in this way, but to demonize and dehumanize him
 "It has shown [Assad] playing with his iPad and listening to New Order, put
flesh on the bones of a man who ­ until now ­ was nothing but a caricature.
The dynamic of conflict, and the propaganda effort that inevitably supports
it, requires not more, but less detail and dimension."

Eli Stephens
 Left I on the News

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